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Make a plan, Take action, Take action, Take action September 23, 2006

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Me not posting every single day stops now.

My life is becoming fast pace now, because of all the goals I have initiated. Now I must relentlessly stick to my list of “next steps” and work only on those things.

You must know clearly, where you want to end up. This is monumental because there are hundreds of places that others want you to end up. Thus without your own true vision to direct you, you cannot differentiate advice and ideas that accelerates towards your goals from advice and ideas that come from those with their own agenda in mind.

For example, I am currently not attending the local University anymore after two years, because I do not want to work within the field of science, and my GPA does not allow me to enter specialties that I have an interest in. Thus, I am transferring to a technical school for a Bachelors of Nursing, it does require me to restart, but it has the best nursing program out there.

I am also seeking to learn how to trade the Forex (Knowing that it takes at least 2 years to become profitable consistently) and working full time right now so I can be a bartending in the years to come.

However, some do not see this as me taking control and responsibility of my life, and would rather I simply finish a Bsc. Of course, those individuals are now largely ignored because they do not provide me any positive/ helpful comments and ideas nor do they help my already lower energy levels.

You know what you want. Once you decide on what you want, work tirelessly towards it, do not be discouraged by naysayers. Because it takes no courage nor effort on their parts to deny you your dreams.

But you must WORK TIRELESSLY towards those visions. Without consistent effort on your part, your visions are nothing but pipe dreams. Do this on a daily basis, no matter how small a step it is towards that ultimate vision.

Make a plan, Take action, Take action, Take action

A plan for achieving your goals is no good if it sits on paper collecting dust.

I will take steps everyday; I hope you do the same with your life.

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step.”

“Take the first step, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”

Review of “The Secret” September 23, 2006

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http://thesecret.tv/ – Official website

What is the Secret?

The secret is an excellent DVD that elaborates on the law of attraction, by some of the “Gurus” of the self-improvement/ spiritual scene.

It is an excellent DVD, which I have turned into an mp3 for myself. Essentially the material is presented in a very simple, direct, and visually attractive package for our ADD generation.

This is a first-rate starting point if you have picked up Napoleon hill’s “Think and grow rich” and think its too thick, and want an extremely simplified summery of what that book is about, pick up the secret.

An open mind is necessary, if you want to take something away from this presentation. A cynic may think he/she is intelligent by ridiculing it throughout, but he/she will simply hold himself/herself back from this effective and efficient way of thinking. There are logical flaws in their arguments (yes I noticed, I am not a brainwashed sheep!), but just let it slide, because the message is positive and empowers individuals

In Short, the DVD is very to the point, those who have not read literature on the idea of the law of attraction will laugh, but the rest of us will take what we will from this DVD and become the infinite beings we were destined to become. If you do end up ridiculing the concept, look at it this way, what do you have to lose by believing in this?

*Disclaimer: I do not host this file. It is assumed that you already own the DVD, and is only getting a backup copy.

Link to “Bit Torrent file”


I am responsible September 14, 2006

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I am responsible; these three simple words will change your life forever because it always applies no matter what the situation.

You are never a victim. You are in total control of your life. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. You control your thoughts. You control you emotions. You control your actions. You are the ruler of your universe, the lord of your realm, the commandant of your destiny, the most powerful individual in your life.

All that can be yours, when you take charge and say, “I am responsible for my thoughts, emotions, and actions.”

You cannot feel helpless and responsible at the same time. So the next time you feel out of control, upset by someone/something/the world, stub your toe, or depressed. Repeat your mantra (Yes, YOUR mantra.) “I am responsible for my thoughts, feelings, and actions, I am responsible, I am responsible.” Guaranteed, you will be in a happier or at least more receptive state of mind.

Then, once you are in a better and more receptive state of mind. Ask your self another question. “What can I do to fix/avoid/manage (Insert thing that makes you upset/out of control/bad) RIGHT NOW?”I do this all the time when I work customer service, it works wonders. (As well as making you useful in the situations and not just standing around looking dumb).

Wow. If you never come back and read my blog ever again, apply this advice to your life, and you will achieve more than you can imagine.

You are responsible for your life. No one else. No one else can do it for you. It is only you.

I LOVE. LOVE this quote from “The Secret” (An absolutely necessity to watch for those who are interested in living a fuller, more successful life.)

Link to “Bit Torrent file”


Link to site (4.95 per viewing/ $30 dvd)


If you knew your potential to feel good, you would ask no one to be different so that you can feel good. You would free yourself of all of that cumbersome impossibility of needing to control the world, or control your mate, or control you child. You are the only one who creates your reality, for no one else can think for you, no one else can do it. It is only you. Every bit of it you.”

-Esther Hicks

Motivation is a lot like showering September 13, 2006

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Ever try to motivate your self to do something you don’t want to do? Sure you have. I’m sure it works for the short term, but had no lasting results.

You know what I’m talking about. Remember that new plan to exercise every other day? To study just that one more hour every day? To work one hour on your goals everyday? To sign up for that volunteer position? To spend more time with your kids? To save a couple dollars a month? To finally start living and enjoying the life you know you want and deserve?

You were so determined, so enthused, so radiant, yet you could not stick with it. I want to make it clear right here you have not failed, you have taken a step towards becoming the person that you have always imagined to be that exercises, studies hard, goal oriented, active in their community, who spends ample time with their kids, and has millions in the bank.

You are like an elastic band. (I heard this analogy somewhere, it is not my own and I do not take credit for it) You can stretch out two, maybe three times wider than if you were not stretched by “motivating” yourself by imagining the end result, focusing on the joys that are to come when you accomplish your goals, and performing beyond your normal self. However, this only works for a short time because the second you lose focus of the end goal, and cease being motivated; you snap back to your normal self and back to your old habits and routines.

The trick to motivating yourself is to think about the end result everyday. Zig Ziglar said it best, “Motivation is like showering. The effects are not long term – but that’s why it’s recommend that you do it daily”

So imagine the elastic again, now instead of stretching it with your hands and holding it there, you stretch it between two sticks in the ground. Then every day you pull the elastic a little further while it is still attached to the sticks stretching it (so it cannot snap back).

How does this analogy actually turn into applicable things that you can do to change your life today?

1.) Write down you goals. S.M.A.R.T. just like they taught you in school. (Yes you though it was stupid, now shush up and do it, because all the millionaires are doing it.) <Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely>
2.) Imagine your life after accomplishing this goal. Down to the colours of the socks you will be wearing. Enjoy the feeling of joy, success, excitement, and livelihood that will no doubt accompany the completion of that goal/ those goals.

3.) Put it somewhere where you will see it at least twice a day. (Bathroom mirror, wallet, car, kitchen, bedroom, etc)

4.) At least twice a day,(I do it at least a dozen times a day) stop, take a minute to imagine your life as if all your goals have been accomplished and simply bask in the wonderful feeling of you being your natural successful self brings about. (If you think I am kidding, I assure you I am not. Your emotional feeling regarding the goals brings about motivation, not how logical goals are laid out)

5.) Remember, it matters not where you start, it’s where you plan to end up that counts in life.

6.) Now you have to actively think about, and work towards those goals everyday!!! (What did you think was going to happen, you just imagine and all your goals will come true? Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids.)

7.) Every decision you make during the day, first ask your self: “What would my goal achieving, successful, intelligent, determined, efficient, confident, inner genius decide to do in this situation?”

8.) Enjoy your life. You have already done half the work – You figured out where you want to end up! Now no matter how hard the times, you can be happy, because you are now responsible and persevere because you choose to. Because it will bring you closer to your goals and dreams. Because you are already living the life you imagined to be living years down the road today!

Don’t wait until it hurts September 11, 2006

Posted by sl4sp in Goals.

Do you know why people in their twenties don’t quit smoking, and why people in their dead end jobs don’t quit? And why people don’t set goals unless they hit a new low? It’s because it is not painful in that very moment of their lives.

Pain causes average people to change their ways, but only enough to get rid of the pain but not enough to get anywhere. This of course is an ineffective system. This is the system of New Year resolutions, midnight fat loss advertisements, and those who swear to work harder after receiving their poor grades in school.

Of course we were all once guilty of such foolish ways, but not a moment more! This grey area between “par performance” and “pain causing performance” is what the average people are trapped in. Their performance slowly lowers to “pain causing” status where they swear to themselves that it will be different from now. However, they do not change their habits or the way they go about things, so things simply return to “par performance” due to their newly found motivation and extra efforts. Then that pain of the poor performance subsides, and their performance slowly returns to “sub par”. This is the oscillating pattern that the majority of the population is suffering from.

“How do I change and get out of this never ending pattern of below par performance?” It is very simple. Set clear goals, and don’t wait until a part of your life becomes “sup par” for you to act on improving it. For example, say my resume is adequate. It’s not full of spelling errors and lack of work experience; however needs blustering in volunteer work. Instead of waiting for that perfect job offer to come along and botching the interview due to lack of volunteer work, I make a couple phone calls and set up some volunteer work before the opportunity. Thus, when the opportunity presents it self, I am prepared; instead of starting to volunteer after the interviewer rejects me because of a lack of volunteer experience.

Set goals in every aspect of your life, and work towards them daily. This will make sure your life never becomes stagnant, and it will bring you great joy when a successful interview is due to how you learned about body language, or when a job promotion allows you to expand your social circle.

No one can be truly successful in life without health, relationships, wealth, and peace of mind. So work on all those aspects of your life because who knows where you will meet your boy/girlfriend, how new career options will come about, or who will come to your aid when you are in financial/legal/personal trouble.

I can’t – your worst enemy September 11, 2006

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“I can’t do it!” “I can’t do math” “I just can’t do physics” “I just can’t focus” “I just can’t set goals” “I just can’t change that about myself” “I can’t control that part of my own life nor do I intend to start anytime soon”

I can’t is my ultimate pet peeve. It allows millions of perfectly intelligent and gifted people an excuse to not achieve success in a certain aspect of life, whether it is math, a negative characteristic, personal goals, exercise, dieting, life, money, or success. These two words “I cannot” gives a fantastic escape from having to take responsibility of a part of one’s life.

I personally have stopped using those lives ruining words several months ago. And so should everyone who reads this… Right now! Because I can personally say that I have been happier in the last six months than in the past four years of my life. Just recognizing the fact that I am responsible for my emotions, actions, and thoughts have turned me into the genius I was born to become.

Sure Bobo over there is better than you at math, and can learn as much as you in half the time, but does that matter for you? Does the fact that you need to work twice as hard deny you the ability to master the subject? Heck NO! History has shown over, and over again that determination and hard work always triumphs over intelligence.

Take responsibility for your life, your actions, your mind, and your future. Seriously, famous doctors at one time could not comprehend medical terms; famous billionaires at one time could not afford a roof over their heads. But gosh darn it; do you know what they did? They said “How can I learn? How can I change? How can I become? What can I do to rectify this situation?” Nobody cares more about your future more than you do, so don’t deny yourself of your success by telling yourself “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”

If you have been told your entire life you cannot excel at a certain aspect of your life, I am here to free your mind, and assure you that you can achieve anything you can imagine, through determination, hard work, and proper knowledge.

Take responsibility of your own life today, and once you do, you will achieve the happiness, wealth, and health you’ve always dreamed about.

Simple instructions for jump starting your Dreams September 5, 2006

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1.) Write down your ultimate goal. (Become CEO of a company, Spend 3 hours of quality time with kids, etc.)

2.) Break down all the little bits and pieces of the steps that you need to take to get there.

(Get a certain position, Commute less, watch less TV, exercise for 30 minutes every other day, etc.)

3.) Determine what you are willing to sacrifice everyday to attain this goal. (1 hour everyday, watching TV, Eating hoho’s, eating out everyday, sleep, quality of relationships, etc) (And if you aren’t willing to sacrifice everyday, it’s not a serious goal.)

Ultimately you sacrifice time, money, and/or effort. (Credit to Howard Lee) So pick your combination of poisons and go with it. I personally prefer time and effort because I’ve got nil in the bank right now.

4.) Make a final copy of all this in a nice chart. (I am not blowing smoke up your bum, I have done this myself)

Should look something like this:

Next Step to be taken

Ultimate Goal


5.) Put this puppy up somewhere you will see at least twice a day. This for many of you means your bedroom, near your bed, where you sleep, in your nightie. (I have mine on my closet door)

6.) Now as much as you possibly can, take a step towards your goals almost daily. Don’t feel guilty if you skip a day when you were absolutely strapped for time. It is at least in your face, so you’re aware the next step in your “journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.” (Wow. I ended with a quote. I actually learned something from English 10 enriched.)

Heck, all joking around aside, DO THIS. It should be a big paper thing. Right in your face and making it painfully obvious what you could do to get that dream car, job, or even life you’ve dreamed of for so long.

What have you got to lose? 2 minutes of your life? 5 dollars from the store? Seriously, if you read this blog post and choose to do nothing to get your life going in the direction where YOU want it to go, I am truly saddened. Don’t choose to brush this off like other things. I am not selling you a product! I do not make money whether you achieve happiness or not! This leads to something else I will probably blog about – The area between sub-par and painful that average people are trapped in.

Don’t make me sad. I believe all of us can achieve extraordinary things. Yuck. Mushy~ Ok, never mind, Writer-Audience moment over, back to your chairs and stop crying and hugging each other.

Ok back to the Steps…

7.) Next, work tirelessly towards taking a step in that right direction everyday. And when you lose sight of why you are making the sacrifices you are making, just close your eyes and imagine your life now that you have accomplished that goal. Whether it be driving that sexy car, with the new car smell or standing on the podium waving to the people, JUST ENJOY THAT MOMENT. And then you shall regain your focus.

I will cut it off here because this is the backbone of what I am using currently. It will make more sense as I elaborate more on the philosophical, emotional, and factual sides of goal achievement. You may not be able to remotivate yourself very well at this point, however, I will elaborate more on how to do that in the days to come. Don’t worry so much about that bump in the road that you have not even started down yet. 🙂

Another article I will soon write as well – Motivation – It is much like showering.


the Kev

Statistics – Its irrelevance in most of life’s decisions, for “If it is to be it is up to me” September 4, 2006

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How many times have you heard someone say “95% of forex traders lose all their base within 3 months of starting?” or “Chances are you’re not going to make it into medicine” or

“Statistically saying, you’re not going to be able to ________________”

That is a load of garbage. Inform the person that “Statistically, you as a sperm never had a snowball’s chance in hell of fertilizing that egg! But you’re here are you not?” Then tell yourself (In your head of course, unless you talk to yourself out loud like me. Then go right ahead) “I am not a statistic; for I am not dead, and I either am or I am not. I cannot be a percentage, fraction nor a statistic.” It’s like on a job application when it asks “Are you bondable.” You can only check a YES or a NO, not a box that says “Statistically 2% of my city is not bondable” You are not and never will be a statistic. Because you can never be that 32% or 83% of the population, for you cannot be divided into a hundred pieces to make up a percentage. You can only be on one side or the other of the yes/no statistic. You are. Or you are not. It’s head or tails, not be a percentage; therefore you should not care what the statistic dictates you to be.

From a pure goal accomplishment and encouragement point of view, statistics generally serve as an excuse for those who waste their lives away by watching television, and not becoming the truly accomplished person they were born to become.

Statistics are for Gambling and Insurance… amongst other things, but not for achieving your dreams!

I’m not saying not be realistic, I’m simply saying the apparent “statistics” should not be holding you back from embarking on your journey towards your goals.

My personal favorite quote is “If it is to be it is up to me”. Those are the 10 most powerful two-letter words in the English language.

First Post – About the Kev September 4, 2006

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I am a Chinese-Canadian, university bound, intelligent, dead sexy, friendly, honest, hilarious, risk taking, goal setting, enthusiastic, life-loving, natural born genius, who is in control of my own life, I am a leader, waiter, bartender, helper, forex trader, volunteer, paramedic, 5 year old, dancer, singer, metro-sexual dresser, social butterfly, personal trainer, firearms instructor, nurse, ski patroller, ladies’ man, doctor, soldier, SAR Technician, university student, horrid speller, self-made millionaire and the president of my own company.

Have I actually accomplished all those things? Nope.

Not yet anyways. 🙂