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Don’t wait until it hurts September 11, 2006

Posted by sl4sp in Goals.

Do you know why people in their twenties don’t quit smoking, and why people in their dead end jobs don’t quit? And why people don’t set goals unless they hit a new low? It’s because it is not painful in that very moment of their lives.

Pain causes average people to change their ways, but only enough to get rid of the pain but not enough to get anywhere. This of course is an ineffective system. This is the system of New Year resolutions, midnight fat loss advertisements, and those who swear to work harder after receiving their poor grades in school.

Of course we were all once guilty of such foolish ways, but not a moment more! This grey area between “par performance” and “pain causing performance” is what the average people are trapped in. Their performance slowly lowers to “pain causing” status where they swear to themselves that it will be different from now. However, they do not change their habits or the way they go about things, so things simply return to “par performance” due to their newly found motivation and extra efforts. Then that pain of the poor performance subsides, and their performance slowly returns to “sub par”. This is the oscillating pattern that the majority of the population is suffering from.

“How do I change and get out of this never ending pattern of below par performance?” It is very simple. Set clear goals, and don’t wait until a part of your life becomes “sup par” for you to act on improving it. For example, say my resume is adequate. It’s not full of spelling errors and lack of work experience; however needs blustering in volunteer work. Instead of waiting for that perfect job offer to come along and botching the interview due to lack of volunteer work, I make a couple phone calls and set up some volunteer work before the opportunity. Thus, when the opportunity presents it self, I am prepared; instead of starting to volunteer after the interviewer rejects me because of a lack of volunteer experience.

Set goals in every aspect of your life, and work towards them daily. This will make sure your life never becomes stagnant, and it will bring you great joy when a successful interview is due to how you learned about body language, or when a job promotion allows you to expand your social circle.

No one can be truly successful in life without health, relationships, wealth, and peace of mind. So work on all those aspects of your life because who knows where you will meet your boy/girlfriend, how new career options will come about, or who will come to your aid when you are in financial/legal/personal trouble.



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