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The ultimate goal of this blog is for all of its viewers to leave this bit of the web feeling better than they arrived, because of new found motivation, new found knowledge, or even because of a picture.

Some of the Topics Covered Here



1. jonathanevatt - October 7, 2006

Nice blog Kev. I’ve not read all of it yet (only just found it whilst searching for something on Google)…but so far I like what you’ve written and shared. Thanks for taking the time to share you heart and mind. It looks like you’ve hot on a path to mastering yourself. Nice.

I’ll read more over the next few days. Feel free to check out my blog at http://www.feal.org/blog2 — perhaps there is something there you will also find of value.

With blessings and my regards,

Jonathan Evatt

2. Jonathan Evatt - October 7, 2006

This is the first blog on wordpress.com I have commented on. I was initially not able to do so because it kept telling me I had to be logged in. I figured this must just be the way wordpress.com is set up.
So…I created a WP account. As I check out the OPTIONS on the blog I’ve now got (jonathanevatt.wordpress.com) I see that it’s an option whether people must be logged in to leave comments.
I encourage you to reconsider that choice…as it makes it rather tricky for most people to leave feedback and discussion on your blog.
I imagine you may have turned on that option to defeat spammers. I don’t yet know what spam protection wordpress.com offers, nor whether it allows users to install plugins (such as the very effective SpamKarma plug).


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